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December 9, 2013
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The Reason For The Season 1 by RuntOfTheLitter The Reason For The Season 1 by RuntOfTheLitter

(Plain version - No Frame)

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TheAtticusNew Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Actually, Cronus is the reason for the season. You see, back in Roman times, there was this holiday called Saturnalia, a winter solstice festival held in honor of the god Saturn (Greek name, Cronus). Then the Christians came along and said, "HEY! WE WANT THIS HOLIDAY!" And the Romans said, "But this festival is in honor of Saturn." And the Christians said, "NOT ANYMORE! NOW IT'S JESUS' BIRTHDAY!" And the Romans said, "But wasn't he born in March?" And the Christians said, "SHUT UP! NOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!" And that's the story of Christmas. The End.

As OLD as this geezer is, he wasn't around
in those days/times. He'll take your above word
for the above.

However, whatever the 'cause' or 'story', a LOT of
folks 'celebrate' Christmas around the world and
MANY of them do so with the intent of my work.

I've never told anyone what to believe or not believe in, etc.
and I've never have gotten angry at anyone for 'their' thoughts or
beliefs or lack of such.

To each their own, I say. Everyone has a right to their thoughts, etc.

My BEST to you and yours during this upcoming 'holiday' season
and however you and yours celebrate or don't celebrate it as such.

THANKS for your visit. MUCH appreciated.

TheAtticusNew Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I understand the stance you're taking, and you seem like a nice guy, so I'll respect it. However, I'd like to say this: A lot of people celebrate Christmas for reasons other than religious ones. If you want to "keep Christ in Christmas," that's fine, but please keep it in your house. There are plenty of people who celebrate it in a purely secular fashion. The virtues of "good will towards men," "peace on Earth," and "it's better to give than receive" are not monopolized by the church. So my case is this: Jesus is A reason for the season, but he's not THE reason for the season. I hope you can respect that.
Hello, again.

I RESPECT ALL humans' views, whatever they are (as I clearly
stated above).

I'm of the mindset that once I've been told something by someone
I 'understand' what they said.

And, IF I am TOO DUMB to EVER understand someone's
remarks my way, then stating such a '100' times will be a 'futile'
effort, correct? (SMILES)

I also 'began' my above upload with the words:


(Apparently, that wasn't you)

I'm not here to 'convert' anyone into 'anything' ..... That would include
'religion' or 'atheism' or whatever in between. I simply offered MY work
and MY thoughts and views.

(IF you take some time to visit my 'feeble' attempt at a gallery here at
Deviant Art, you will see I take my 'fellow brethren' to task OFTEN
for their 'hypocrisies' and 'failures').

* BTW: I would HOPE that you would RESPECT my views (as I do YOURS and ALL
others') whether you 'thought' I was a 'NICE' guy or NOT. (GRINS)*

I RESPECT YOUR and ALL other's views and comments.

I'm not looking with THIS
upload for a DEBATE on RELIGION.

IF you want to continue one, PLEASE feel FREE to do so in YOUR own gallery to
whatever lengths you so desire to do such.

It's always 'puzzling' to this DUMB old man why SO MANY folks seem to have NO
problems in  'commenting' on such in OTHER folk's galleries while RARELY, if EVER,
publicly posting THEIR views on the SAME issues in THEIR own gallery? (WINK)

Again, my BEST to you and yours.


TheAtticusNew Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Okay, just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.
HELLO, again!

I'm sure that you and I will not be on the 'same' page here and there
and am FINE with that from MY and YOUR end.

DIVERSITY is a GOOD thing in most cases.

The LIBRARY is full of BOOKS of ALL types.

EACH has something to say and offer.

My BEST again to you and yours,

the frame was a good idea but i Like this one better.I think the frame takes away from the main focus of image
HELLO! Different strokes for different folks. Why I made '2'. GRINS.

OR, as I OFTEN say to my FELLOW 'brethren':

SOME folks go to church cuz' they are AFRAID of going to HELL while
SOME folks go to church cuz' they WANT to get to HEAVEN. (SMILES)

My BEST to you and yours and THANKS for your visit and comments.

MUCH appreciated, as ALWAYS!

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